Mushroom Farming (PDF)

//Mushroom Farming (PDF)

Mushroom Farming (PDF)


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Mushroom farming has become very popular worldwide owing to the fact that mushroom farming is relatively easy and requires less space and less investment. Economic returns on investment are also high in mushroom farming. Mushrooms are fast growing organisms and some tropical species can be harvested within two weeks of spawning. Multiple harvests are possible in a mushroom farm venture. Sometimes as many as six harvests may be done in a single year. Mushrooms easily adapt to various climatic conditions and therefore climate-related production risks are eliminated up to some extent. Mushroom farming is an attractive low-cost entrepreneurial option because mushrooms can successfully be grown by using even primitive farming technologies. This low technology approach to mushroom farming may be one of the reasons behind its popularity as a small scale farm enterprise. This small book explains in detail all aspects of mushrooms growing.

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