AGRIHORTICO eLearning on Importance of Balanced Diets

//AGRIHORTICO eLearning on Importance of Balanced Diets

AGRIHORTICO eLearning on Importance of Balanced Diets


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AGRIHORTICO eLearning projects are the result of an in-depth research and study in the respective areas for several years. Each eLearning project is designed in such a way that the user understands his/her chosen area of field completely and in a sequential manner in his/her own time and convenience. Our eLearning course on Importance of Balanced Diets is a part of our ‘Food and Health’ eLearning program and there are other similar courses available in this category. For more info, please visit ‘eLearning Courses’ session of our website Please be noted that the course that we are offering through are NOT certified courses. These courses are meant for personal development and skill-enhancement purposes only. These courses are NOT meant for any further educational or career-related purposes. If you want to know more about our eLearning courses, please write to us at Now regarding the course delivery mode, the course materials are made available in the following formats: eBooks, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations, Videos, and Articles.

Number of Modules = 14

Duration of the Course = 20-30 hours

Check Out Your COURSE MATERIALS (available as a downloadable Zip file) below:

  1. An excel worksheet (SAMPLE GANTT chart) to plan and execute your eLearning project with step by step instructions. (This is just a sample Gantt Chart only, original Gantt Chart which is included with the course material may vary from this sample according to the course structure)The first step of your eLearning project is to understand the GANTT Chart /Excel file included in your course materials. This excel file has FOUR worksheets: List of Resources Available, Course Structure Table, GANTT Chart and Final Assessment Sheet. Study each of them carefully to understand how to plan and master your e-learning project.
  2. PDF (Portable Document Formats) files: Beginner Guide and Instruction Manual and relevant course tutorials…you may read relevant PDF tutorial here-PDF 1, PDF 2, PDF 3, PDF 4, PDF 5, PDF 6, PDF 7, PDF 8, PDF 9, PDF 10, PDF 11, PDF 12, PDF 13, PDF 14, PDF 15, PDF 16, PDF 17, PDF 18PDF 19 and PDF 20
  3. Professional PPTs (PowerPoint Presentations) of relevant course modules: Refer this PPT session to know more
  4. Relevant eBooks for recommended reading: Refer this eBook session to know more…you may read relevant eBooks description here-eBook 1eBook 2, eBook 3, eBook 4, eBook 5, eBook 6 and eBook 7
  5. An Informative video (MP4 file) of introductory session on ‘Leafy Vegetables

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