How to Publish and Distribute eBooks/Print Books with AGRIHORTICO?

 “Do you like to write about foods, farms, gardens, nature, environment and similar topics and get paid for what you write?

Then we are your right choice to get your work published to a worldwide audience.


Agrihortico provides digital publishing services for Food, Agriculture, Gardening and Horticulture sectors. You can publish your digital book/eBook on any Food and Agriculture topics via our website at We have also partnered with GOOGLE Play Books, Amazon KDP, Apple iBooks, KOBO, Barnes and Nobles, Smashwords, Scribd, and many other leading international players for publishing and distributing our digital books worldwide.

We also provide a wide range of publishing services for both the expert authors and beginners and our major author services are:

  1. Book Title Selection: If you are double-minded to decide on an appropriate title for your book, we can help you. Our title creation services are available at a very affordable fee
  2. Book Cover Design: We can help you to choose the best cover for your book
  3. Book Setting and Formatting: We provide various kinds of book formatting services including ‘Kindle Create’ formatting for Amazon Kindle books
  4. Inside Illustrations and Images: If you want to insert an image in your book, ask us for an opinion. We will help you with both ‘Colour’ and ‘Black & White’ images
  5. Copy Editing: If your manuscript contains spelling, grammatical and structural errors, then we will recommend for another round of copy editing session
  6. Proofreading and Review: You want a third opinion about your book. Get our proof reading and review services at the lowest prices in the industry
  7. Other Customized Services as per Client Requests

We also distribute physical copies of your books (i.e. Paperbacks) upon your request. Want to know more about our author services. Write to us at or

Do you have a manuscript ready for publishing? Submit your manuscript in a ‘word document’ at or


What kind of books do you publish?

We publish books and booklets in food, agriculture, gardening, and horticulture categories. You can publish scientific and academic books also at

How can I publish with

If you have your manuscript ready, just submit your manuscript at We will get back to you as early as possible.

I am an aspiring author. I have not yet started my book. Do you offer author services for clients like me?

Yes, we offer author services. For more information, write to us at We will get back to you as early as possible.

Will I get royalties for the sales of my books? When do I start getting royalty?

Yes, you will get royalties for the sales of your books. You will be paid when your royalty reaches a threshold of Rs.1000/-

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