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Cilantro, the Coriander Greens


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This 28-page booklet is intended for providing information about cilantro (coriander leaves or coriander greens); fresh stems and tender leaves of which are used as a culinary herb for garnishing and flavoring various food preparations.Cilantro is a term used for the fresh stems and tender young leaves of the coriander plant. Scientific name of Coriander is Coriandrum sativum. It is an umbelliferous annual herbaceous plant belonging to the family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae). Cilantro is a plant of temperate climate; however it may be grown in tropical and subtropical climates as well. Cilantro is a short-lived herb.
Coriander plants are mainly grown for coriander seeds which is an important condiment used for various food preparations. Coriander seeds are also used for preparing coriander powder which is an essential ingredient of various curry powders. Common names of coriander greens are Coriander leaves, Cilantro, Chinese parsley, Cilantrillo, Culantro, Mexican parsley, and Yuen sai.

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