Berries from Ericaceae Family

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Berries from Ericaceae Family


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This is a booklet of 23 pages on “Cranberry, Lingonberry/Cowberry and Huckleberry”…

Scientific name of cranberry is Vaccinium oxycoccos and it belongs to the family Ericaceae, the family of blueberry, bilberry, lingonberry and huckleberry. Vaccinium oxycoccos is native to Europe. There is another species of cranberry with scientific name Vaccinium macrocarpon which is native to North America.

Scientific name of lingonberry is Vaccinium vitis-idaea. It is also known as mossberry, foxberry, bearberry, partridgeberry, mountain cranberry or cowberry. Lingonberry plants are grown for its red coloured acidic fruits.

Huckleberry is another berry plant from the family Ericaceae and is widely cultivated for its edible fruits. There are different types of huckleberry plants belonging to two separate plant genus, namely Gaylussacia and Vaccinium.

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