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Lilies, Tuberoses & Amaryllis


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This is a small book of 36 pages. Lilies are considered as those cut flowers which enliven the environment by their charismatic appearances with most beautiful colors. It is one of the best flowers planted by most of the gardeners depending on their survival conditions. These are also regarded as addition of personality to the places wherever these are planted be it gardens, or in pots or inside. Besides its decorative qualities, the flowers also have cultural meanings. Lilies symbolize purity, beauty, motherhood, compassion and love. Some of these are also fragrant which make wonderful cut flowers in addition to other virtues like pot and container plants. Tuberose is derived from a Latin word “Tuberosa” which means swollen with the virtue of having tuberous roots that act as a storage organ for the plant during dormancy. It is generally a night blooming and very scented to the extent that almost all gardeners love to plant tuberose in their gardens. The flower is grown for its appearance, beauty, good keeping quality and sweet fragrance. Amaryllis is also a commonly grown bulbous flower by the gardeners. The bulb produces large, trumpet shaped flowers which have varied ranges of color from pink, scarlet, apricot to white which look very beautiful with their exotic appearances. Amaryllis is also considered as one of the earliest blooming flower. It is one of the best flowers advised for the gardeners to beautify their gardens during mid-winters having good keeping quality as a vase flower. One can magnify the view of their garden by planting such bulbous crops. The flower can be planted easily in beds, pots, and rockery and in landscaping. Belladona Lily is another common name for Amaryllis.

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