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Vegetable Part-2: Greens


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This is a small book of 46 pages. Vegetable greens are complete source of minerals, vitamins and plant chemicals that keeps oneself protected from various diseases. It is advised by all the health practitioners to include green leaves at least once in a day. Green leafy vegetables are also rich in fibers that help in digestion, keeping check on cholesterol and blood pressure. Most of the dieticians recommend a daily intake of 116 gm of leafy vegetables in the diet. Other than nutrient contents, mere watching a green plant in a home garden gives a sense of joy and energy. Root vegetables such as radish and turnip are planted to be consumed as greens and root vegetables both. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce, celery, parsley, basil, coriander leaves etc are consumed in their natural forms and seeds are used as flavoring agents. Other leafy greens are consumed after cooking or boiling.

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