Bell peppers or capsicums are packed with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Capsicums may be prepared for cooking in several ways. They may be sliced thin or chopped into cubes for cooking purposes. For stuffing purposes, capsicums may be cleaned whole by removing seeds and placenta from inside the fruits. Bell peppers/capsicums may be boiled, stuffed, steamed, grilled and roasted without losing its nutritional quality.

Sautéed Green Sweet Peppers: Sautéing is a method of cooking where sliced vegetables are quick-fried in a little hot oil or fat. For sautéing capsicums/bell peppers, they are cleaned by removing seeds and then sliced. These sliced capsicums are quickly fried in a little oil over high heat. Sautéed capsicums with cottage cheese are a favorite vegetable food dish among vegans.

Long term preservation of bell peppers/capsicums: Canning and freeze-drying are two methods of preservation techniques that can be adopted for long term preservation and storage of bell peppers/capsicums.

Canning of Bell Peppers/Sweet Peppers: The process of sealing processed foods hermetically in containers after sterilizing them by heat for long-term usage is known as canning. Canning is one of the most popular food preservation techniques used today. Canning of fruits and vegetables and other highly perishable food items help reduce food waste. For preserving bell peppers/sweet peppers for long term usage, canning may be done. Canning does not make much difference in the nutritional quality of sweet peppers. Vegetables like sweet peppers are mostly seasonal and are highly perishable. Therefore, preserving them by canning for long-term usage is the best solution to avoid huge amount of food losses.

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Frozen Green Sweet Peppers: The most popular method to preserve capsicums/sweet peppers for long term usage is to preserve them by freezing. Frozen sweet peppers are as good as fresh sweet peppers and there is not much quality loss, in terms of nutrient composition, is observed in frozen sweet peppers.

Freeze-Dried Green Sweet Peppers: Another method of preserving sweet peppers is by freeze-drying. Freeze-dried sweet peppers are as good as fresh sweet peppers in nutritional quality.