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Nightshade Vegetables


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This is a book of 206 pages. The word “nightshade” is often used in herbal medicines to refer a poisonous species of plant, but a highly regarded medicinal plant, belonging to the plant family Solanaceae. This plant is often called ‘deadly nightshade’ because of its toxic properties. Common name of this medicinal plant is ‘belladonna.’ Nightshade family is mainly known for its toxic and poisonous member plants and many of them are medicinal plants. However, the nightshade family i.e. Solanaceae family includes some of the most popular and economically important vegetable plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, tomatillos, brinjals or eggplants, chile peppers, bell peppers and jalapeno peppers also. These vegetables are very popular among consumers and are used by the whole world on daily basis. These vegetables are often referred as ‘nightshade vegetables’ or ‘Solanaceous vegetables.’ In other words, ‘Nightshade Vegetables’ are a group of vegetables belonging to the plant family Solanaceae.

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