Vegetable Proteins

//Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable Proteins

Protein is essential for body’s tissue building and muscle generation. Protein metabolism releases amino acids, basic building blocks of a cell.

High Protein Vegetables: Among the vegetables studied for its protein content, the following vegetables were found to have HIGH protein content present in them.

Drumstick Leaves-9.4g; Fava Beans/Broad Beans-7.92g; Garlic-6.36g; Spirulina Seaweed-5.92g; Winged Bean Leaves-5.85g; Laver Seaweed-5.81g; Grape Leaves-5.6g; Green Peas-5.42g; Bittergourd Leafy Tips-5.3g; Colocasia Leaves-4.98g; Fireweed Leaves-4.71g; Fenugreek Leaves-4.4g; Kale Leaves-4.28g; Lambsquarters-4.2g; Cowpeas Leafy Tips-4.1g; Peppermint Leaves-3.75g; Dill Weed-3.46g; Brussels Sprouts-3.38g; Chrysanthemum Leaves-3.36g; Oyster Mushrooms-3.31g; Salsify/Vegetable Oyster-3.3g; Cowpeas Pods-3.3g; Spearmint Leaves-3.29g; Chives-3.27g; Globe Artichoke-3.27g; Yellow Sweetcorn-3.27g; White Sweetcorn-3.22g; Pumpkin Leaves-3.15g; Morel Mushrooms-3.12g; White Button Mushrooms-3.09g; Wakame Seaweed-3.03g; Collard Greens-3.02g; Broccoli Flowers-3g; Broccoli Leaves-3g; Parsley-3g; Mustard Greens-3g; English Spinach-3g; Scotch Kale-3g; Yardlong Bean-3g and Baby Zucchini-3

Drumstick leaves are one of the most proteinaceous vegetables available today. Drumstick or Moringa offers a lot of other health benefits too. Moringa leaves can be used as a raw leafy vegetable just like spinach. Fresh Moringa leaf juice is also a highly nutritious diet. As per USDA Nutrient Database, consumption of 100 gram of edible portion of fresh Moringa leaves provides a human body with approx. 64 kilo calories of energy and almost same amount of protein of eggs and yoghurt. Similarly, Moringa leaves contain more Calcium than that of buffalo milk; more Iron than that of Spinach, same amount of Potassium of raw bananas, same amount of Vitamin C of navel oranges and almost half of Vitamin A of carrots.

Low Protein Vegetables: Among the vegetables studied for its protein content, the following vegetables were found to have LOW protein content present in them as compared to other vegetables.

  1. Epazote-0.33g
  2. Butterbur Or Fuki-0.39g
  3. Wax Gourd/Chinese Preserving Melon-0.4g
  4. Papayas-0.47g
  5. Indian Squash/Navajo-0.52g
  6. Agar Seaweed-0.54g
  7. Calabash Gourd Flowers-0.62g
  8. Baby Carrots-0.64g
  9. Spaghetti Squash-0.64g
  10. Cucumber-0.65g
  11. Cucumber-0.65g
  12. Radishes-0.68g
  13. Celery-0.69g
  14. Cardoon-0.7g
  15. Jicama/Yambean-0.7g

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